Brand identity and website for IGO Laser Skin Clinic created and designed by Vatra Agency

Established recently this year, IGO Laser Skin Clinic is a medical spa specialized in laser hair removal and aesthetic services. The founders aimed to help their clients look their best through the most advanced, proven, non-invasive and cutting-edge technology.

With a diverse audience, the clinic needed a way to appeal to a new, younger consumer in order to create and expand their market share. Because of our millennial category experience and our working concept, they decided to pick Vatra Agency to create and evolve their brand identity and carry this message of passion and inspiration through a vibrant website.

The identity of the organization is one of the most important ingredients in achieving success. From the brand name, to the logo, going through every element that needs to be branded, Vatra worked closely with IGO Laser Skin Clinic to understand the philosophy and mission of the company, going through all the branding elements necessary.

Brunilda Hoxha, Creative Director at Vatra explained: “From our research, we discovered the primary demographic are mostly women ranging from their mid-twenties into their forties and there was less of a male audience. We created a very clean logo that speaks directly to their audience through simple typography and a modern feminine colour approach. Working with a classic and clean typeface, we created a customized O, which represents the technology that the clinic’s main service offers. For us, it was crucial that the identity felt clean, to symbolize the medical aspect of the company service, but it was also in our plans to make it feel premium and fashionable. Beyond the logo and brand identity we have also created their website, as well as their digital presence.”

For that purpose, we created a cohesive design language throughout the social channels, created by us for IGO Laser Skin Clinic. One of the main features we had to make clear in our designs was keeping a clean and polished look. After all, that’s what they promise to their customers. The intention was to be as informative and compact as possible. Not only did we have to convince the clients of the quality of the service but also have the proper appearance for a beauty company.

*Vatra is a leading digital, design and brand communication agency passionately connecting brands to 55 million Balkan consumers.