“Sure, Doable” and “Connect”, the new customer focused philosophy of Credins Bank

Credins Bank was established in Albania on March 2003 as an investment of Albanian businessmen and became the first private bank with a 100% Albanian capital. The company owns more than 57 branches as real estate assets and over 65 ATMs spread out in the entire territory of the country. Credins Bank is ranked as the third largest bank in the country.

credins bank
In the beginning of 2019 Vatra Agency won the pitch for the new marketing campaign by Credins Bank. We developed a new visual identity, a more product focused advertising campaign and a brand new client experience. We created a new integrated marketing approach, helped by a new slogan campaign “Sigurisht, Bëhet” (Sure, Doable), focusing on the bank’s ability to help each client reach his or her unique financial goals.


Another integrated marketing campaign was created to help the bank’s new version of its mobile app “Credins Online”, which launched this spring, as one of the main banking products of Credins Bank. We created the slogan “Lidhu” (connect) to show people that we have simplified their banking life. The campaign focuses on Credins Bank’s commitment to give people through a mobile app the tools they need to feel confident and in control of their finances.

The new philosophy of Credins Bank is an integral part of a wider national campaign, including TVCs, radio and online advertising.

Gerton Bejo, Founder and Senior Project Manager at Vatra Agency, added: “It wasn’t hard to create a strong concept for a bank such as Credins Bank, who are committed to innovation, qualitative services and putting their clients first. We had a few initial ideas, but the one that really stood out is that Credins Bank should be the one to provide its clients with every service they might need. We follow the idea that this institution is not only designed for adults but also for youth and young adults, which are an active part of the society and, in the near future, they are going to be our best clients. We’re proud to have supported Credins Bank in these national communication concepts across TV, radio, OOH and online.”

*Vatra is a leading digital, design and brand communication agency passionately connecting brands to 55 million Balkan consumers.