• Jonida Gjondedaj, Project Manager e Vatra Agency: Komunikimi në kohë krizash dhe fokusi i tij tek kompanitë që kërkojnë rritje.

    Prej fillimit të marsit, Shqipëria, Kosova dhe Maqedonia, vende në të cilat Vatra Agency ofron shërbimet e saj profesionale, po përjetojnë një situatë e cila ka ndryshuar rrënjësisht jetët tona, rutinat e përditshme dhe sjelljet e konsumit. Kjo situatë po vë në provë shumë aspekte ekonomike të sferës publike e private. Në një kohë si […]

  • Gjirofarm sh.a. named Vatra as their Agency for the new Social Media Campaign

    “Communicating via Social Media the range of Gjrofarm’s products to thousands of people in Albania every month”, this was the challenge that Vatra Agency accepted from the management of the well-known dairy company. Gjirofarm is an Albanian household brand in the food industry. It has operated in this market for many years, so there was […]

  • The biggest Albanian poultry producer, Tik Tik, chooses Vatra Agency as its social media agency.

    Tik Tik is one of the biggest Albanian brands in the fresh food industry. The company brings to the market healthy and 100% naturally grown Albanian chickens. Part of Agrotek Group, the company’s primary distribution is through retailers and foodservice distributors. Tik Tik has been, for a long time, a business‐to‐business wholesale product supplier to […]

  • The Professional College of Tirana approaches students with a new integrated communication campaign.

    The Professional College of Tirana has opened their doors to the Albanian students in 2015, as an innovation of higher professional education in Albania. This establishment, made by seasoned partners in the field of private education, presented a new option for youth seeking to become more appealing to the worldwide job market. Professional colleges in […]

  • Vatra’s Head of Digital, Gert Zenelaj, interviewed by Business Mag Albania on the actual status of brand and product communication in the country.

    What is happening with marketing and business communication in Albania and what are the challenges of Albanian companies today? Experts from some of the largest marketing agencies in the country share tips, strategies and ways they are helping their clients create effective marketing strategies and campaigns. 5th interview of this series about marketing and communications […]

  • Smile, seriously!

    Vatra opened its doors in November 2003 and since then it has had one objective, receive a smile for every job delivered. We smile when we are happy, we are happy when we are successful, and our clients are always smiling. Our work has evolved during the years, but what doesn’t change is our ability […]

  • Brand identity and website for IGO Laser Skin Clinic created and designed by Vatra Agency

    Established recently this year, IGO Laser Skin Clinic is a medical spa specialized in laser hair removal and aesthetic services. The founders aimed to help their clients look their best through the most advanced, proven, non-invasive and cutting-edge technology. With a diverse audience, the clinic needed a way to appeal to a new, younger consumer […]

  • “Sure, Doable” and “Connect”, the new customer focused philosophy of Credins Bank

    Credins Bank was established in Albania on March 2003 as an investment of Albanian businessmen and became the first private bank with a 100% Albanian capital. The company owns more than 57 branches as real estate assets and over 65 ATMs spread out in the entire territory of the country. Credins Bank is ranked as […]

  • Tirana Light Lab, an event identity to emphasize the power of lighting

    Albaelettrica, the biggest lighting and electric company in Albania, has created this September, a creative lab introducing new products and concepts related to the worldwide lighting market. Tirana Light Lab was established for the first time this year in the framework of Tirana Design Week. Held at Polis University, this event wants to become a […]

  • Are Albanian marketing agencies ready for big markets?

    Approaching the end of a dynamic decade, marked by extraordinary developments in the technology and communication field, many opportunities have become tangible and real even for the Albanian people. Access to information and therefore to education, makes us world citizens as much as our fellow citizens of developed countries. Such development does not exclude our […]

  • Çukaj Foundation gets a new brand identity to show that we all can “give hope”

    Çukaj Foundation is an Albanian philanthropic and charitable organisation founded by the Çukaj family on December, 2016. The main mission of the foundation is to donate and fundraise for diverse programs such as education, healthcare, equipment and infrastructure for children living in poverty in Albania. We believe that a non-profit organisation deserves a strong brand identity conveying their story […]

  • Vatra. 16 years of strong brand values.

    2003 marked the year that Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected Governor of California, Walt Disney Pictures released “Finding Nemo”, Apple launched a new brand called iTunes, Volkswagen produced their last Old-Style Beetle in Mexico, our national football team beat Russia in a historical Euro Qualifiers match, KF Tirana was still the winner of the Albanian Superliga, and […]

  • Vatra Agency creates the visual identity and title sequence for Klanifornia

    Klanifornia, an Albanian comedy show created by Turjan Hyska. Produced by Alexander Frangaj and presented by renowned host Marina Vjollca. The new television season on Tv Klan has a brand new format. It will be one of the main shows of this television by broadcasting this format every Saturday in prime time.  TV Klan’s executives and program […]

  • We’re Hiring a Junior Motion Designer

    Vatra Tirana is looking for energetic, high-potential, self-motivated and high-integrity individuals. We’re looking for a Junior Motion Designer designer to join our expanding Motion Graphics department. Reporting directly to the Head of Motion, this is an exciting opportunity to learn from and support other members of the Design team, and the wider Creative department. So, […]

  • Dea Studio, communicating beauty together

    DEA architecture studio provides identity, stimulation, reflection, fun, orientation and security. It is the name of a national cultural heritage symbol. 12 years of successful cooperation with Vatra Agency makes us beyond clients, makes us partners in creating and representing beauty and aesthetics. Having delivered over 180 projects, DEA Studio is noted as one of […]

  • Vatra Tirana is looking for a Social Media Manager

    Vatra Tirana is looking for a Social Media Manager who can join our team and help us to plan, execute and nurture brand relationships across various social platforms for an array of our agency clients. We’re a new team of digital marketer and communicators, who shift between the content, creative and strategic space. We’re looking for […]

  • RED, a new brand image that inspires unity

    The Regional Economic Development Agency (RED) is a national public agency under the dependency of the Council of Ministers. Vatra Agency’s key focus was to create a highly recognizable logo and brand identity for “RED” in order to express its main mission: United for one purpose. The Agency aims at enhancing the impact of investments […]

  • A dynamic brand identity for Noval Laboratory, the lab that increases people’s life quality

    Established a year ago, Noval laboratory operates in the field of industrial, environmental and agro-industrial analyses. It is a modern laboratory offering high standard services. Vatra Agency created Noval laboratory logo, which came out of some long research in order to use the ideal symbol for a laboratory and medical research facility. Noval Laboratory services […]

  • Kantina Skëndërbeu. A new brand identity inspired by a hero

    Making 75+ years old feel new again. We traveled back in time with Georgius Castriotus Skanderbeg Winery and Vineyards to discover the insights needed to relaunch this respected brand into the future. We studied the cultural history, the languages and symbols to aesthetically represent a brand that reflects the consumers tastes, scents, feelings and ideals. […]

  • Klan Macedonia entrusted Vatra to bring their new brand identity to life

    Klan Media Group is getting bigger in the region. Their management entrusted Vatra to bring their new brand to life, Klan Macedonia Television. We completely redesigned the visual identity of the station starting with the logo, which adapted attributes from the Macedonian flag. Klan Macedonia became part of TV Klan Media Group, after the agreement […]

  • Champlàte, a new jewelry brand identity by Vatra, appeals to younger audiences

    Appealing to a younger demographic was the challenge Altinbaş Jewelry brought to Vatra. In order to be a relevant brand in today’s market, we recommended introducing a completely new brand that slightly departs from the classic and ceremonial style of Altinbaş and moves towards a simpler and more minimalistic style. As with any good design, […]

  • Gerton Bejo, CEO i Vatra për Revistën Monitor: ‘Kompanitë shqiptare të fokusohen te marketingu dhe burimet njerëzore’

    Në një intervistë të dhëne për “Monitor“, revistën e përjavshme me profil ekonomik, CEO i Vatra-s i përgjigjet një serie pyetjesh që lidhen me ecurinë e tregut të reklamave gjatë vitit që kaloi dhe ajo çka pritet që të ndodhë në vitin që sapo kemi nisur. Për Gerton Bejon, CEO i agjencisë publicitare VATRA me aktivitet […]

  • Vatra is looking for a Graphic Designer to join their offices in Tirana

    Vatra Tirana is looking for energetic, high-potential, self-motivated and high-integrity individuals to join our team. We are looking for a Graphic Designer who can join our creative team and help us to provide our clients with the best product and experience in terms of brand image and visual communication. We are seeking candidates with the […]

  • Sigma Interalbanian Vienna Insurance Group launches SIVIG App, a customer touchpoint for insurance needs, via Vatra Tirana

    As mobile commerce continues to grow at a rapid pace, there is a great demand for companies to produce high-quality apps. Sigma Interalbanian Vienna Insurance Group – SIVIG focuses on being a mobile first insurance company in Albania, as it sees the future traffic coming through mobile devices. A frictionless, convenient and mobile appropriate customer […]

  • Vatra Tirana has designed and produced the visual identity of Duplex, the new TV Show aired on TV Klan

    This year Vatra Design Consultancy creates an original identity for one of the most successful TV Shows of this season on Tvklan and in all the TV broadcasting landscape. Duplex is a programm produced and hosted by the Albanian showman Turjan Hyska and it is aired on Tv Klan from October of 2018. Vatra worked for this project on: – Logo […]

  • New Packaging Design for Beata Eggs by Vatra

    A healthy product is a bright and transparent product! For Beata, freshness and quality are the most important things, along with environmental sustainability and the happiness and welfare of their hens. Beata Eggs are for people who share these values and want to supply the best products to their homes and customers. Vatra was asked […]

  • Miele and Vatra. Together Again

    Luxury appliance brand Miele has released a regional offer campaign to launch their new seasonal deals and Vatra was challenged again to help Miele significantly increase their sales and brand awareness The kitchen-buying journey is a long and complex one, so we need to develop a single-minded idea that would tell a consistent story across […]

  • Vatra unveils new identity and concept

    We’re excited to announce the launch of our new identity. After 15 years, we said goodbye to our square logo and released an updated visual identity to complement the evolution of the Vatra brand. As we continue to grow as a company and the services we provide our clients, we wanted our brand to better […]

  • Vatra Design Consultancy won the “pitch” for the new tv ad of Oledrohot

    Great creativity, new image, innovative targeting strategy, professional production and timely finalisation. These are the elements that encouraged the managers of CFO Pharma Company to select the agency that would create and produce the new TV ad for Oledro Hot – one of the main products in the Albanian pharmaceutical market. The brief sent by CFO Pharma […]

  • Brands in the cultural contexts of the future

    Every day we instinctively read and interpret signs, symbols, trademarks, either consciously or subconsciously. Thus, brands emerged with the aim of identifying and improving the fulfillment of people and business needs. However, brands and their meanings lie in certain cultural and historical contexts, hence making them entirely subjective, which hinders the work of creators and […]

  • “In the marketing field, we have worked with Vatra Design Consultancy as a company on a number of productions ranging from TVC production to simple brochure designs. They have always been easily adaptable to any requests. Overseeing and reviews production from start to end, Vatra always deliver a reliable end product we are pleased with.
    Vala Mar Residences needed an advertising agency, able to bring our business ideas to life whilst also enhancing them and keeping everything on schedule within budget. Vatra was able to accomplish all the requested demands. They delivered a TV Campaign that has generated fantastic interests. The inquiries have been of a great quality and we have been successful in converting a significant proportion of those leads to sales.” – Mr. Eris Kasmi, Director of Communication, PR and Digital Marketing, Balfin Group.

    — Vala Mar Residences
  • The creative team at Vatra Design Consultancy absolutely helped to create our New Brand and approach it to nowadays market needs.Their ability to navigate today’s complex brand identity creation has been invaluable to our growth. We’re very happy to have entrusted the creation of our brand to real professionals, like Vatra Design Consultancy.” – Mr. Adi Frakulli, Administrator at Champlàte.

    — Champlàte / Altinbaş
  • Vatra Design Consultancy brings total professionalism to every shoot which means everything is always perfectly under control with every detail considered. They have a very honest and open approach to advertising, and very quickly gained a comprehensive understanding of our business as well as what we were trying to achieve. Our requirements from the agency are simple: deliver creative work that makes our product stand out from the crowd. Thanks Vatra for standing out with your professional service.” – Mr. Elton Gjika, CEO at Green Coast Luxury Resorts.

    — Green Coast Luxury Resort
  • Challenges of marketing agencies in the information age

    By GERTON BEJO CEO at Vatra Design Consultancy* Owing to the great development of the Internet, social media, telephony and technology of information and communication as a whole, like many other industries even the advertising industry has been and is undergoing a redevelopment process in the last few years. These changes have affected every structure […]

  • Vatra Design Consultancy, “the hearth” of inspiration in Tirana

      Vatra Design Consultancy, a registered trademark of V Advertising, one of the first agencies in Albania, is now an important regional factor in the field of design, marketing, and communication. Besides its successful cooperation in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, Vatra Albania has established a representative office in London and has been constantly expanding […]

  • Where the fire never goes out.

    There were some strong dilemmas at the onset of this project, whether to start the “fire” in Tirana or London! At the end of the first year, these dilemmas seemed pathetic considering the success we had in the market. Today, they look like a ridiculous concern which did not deserve a second thought. This was […]

  • Vatra was a great strategic partner and provided valuable insights to support the launch of our company and service in the Albanian complex market. Their understanding of our business and the marketplace – balancing a strong fact-base with creativity and judgment – resulted in recommendations to help fuel our business… and aligned our organisation towards sustainable growth.”. – Mr. George Khetsuriani, CEO at Pay & Go Albania.

    — Pay & Go
  • Teka launched its brand in the local market through social networking

    ounded in 1924, Teka is a multinational firm of German origin, engaged in manufacturing and marketing kitchen and bathroom appliances, porcelain products and industrial containers.In addition to being a benchmark in Europe. in the manufacture of built-in home appliances, especially ovens, cook tops, hoods and sink units, it is also at the forefront of global […]

  • We sincerely endorse Vatra Design Consultancy for those who want to do things differently when it comes to advertising and design. They are both analytical and creative in their process and takes the time to genuinely understand the business that they are collaborating with. Vatra team operates as an extension of our marketing team and is extremely professional, responsive and easy to work with. Congratulations and Keep up the good work!”. – Mr. Rezo Saakadze, CEO of Kentucky Fried Chicken Albania.

    — Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • True Values

    Vatra (The Fireplace) is a popular word, synonymous with family warmth, gatherings around the fire, bonding with the people you love the most: it has been the hearth and home of the Albanian family throughout history. Vatra Design Consultancy has adopted this metaphor and turned it into a modern concept of care for businesses, brands, […]

  • Vatra support creativity at DOiT on its 4th edition

    We are pleased to announce our participation in Design Overview in Tirana on its 4th Edition, November 21st, 2015 at the Auditorium of Orthodox Cathedral of Tirana. Vatra Design Consultancy support this Meeting along with other actors of the same market this edition to enforce and motivate an communication and cooperation between Albanian Agencies. The […]

  • “Working with Vatra is always a challenge. They understand the needs of their client and what is more important they have the capability to translate the need into visual message. If you need professionalism, dedication and creativity, Vatra is the agency to work with. In my personal opinion, they are the best. Thank you.” – Mr. Prof. Dr. Adrian Civici, President of European University of Tirana

    — European University of Tirana
  • Traditional and modernity was melted to create a new formal identity for the National Chamber of Advocacy of Albania

    The National Chamber of Advocacy in Albania is a legal person that is established, organized, and functions in accordance with the Constitution of Albania, the Law on the Profession of the Lawyer in the Republic of Albania, and provisions in relevant statutes. The National Chamber of Advocacy in Albania is a union of active and […]

  • Albaelettrica, as a longstanding client of VATRA, continues to receive quality services that accommodate our time sensitive deadlines. The management and staff of VATRA can be highly commended for their attention to detail and dedication to continuous quality design perfection. It is always a pleasure to work with such a professional group of individuals, creative, and experts in this field.” – Mrs. Genta Druga, Milwaukee Representative Marketing Manager.

    — Milwaukee Tools
  • I am European! Info-events about EU around the country

    The Ministry of European Integration in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EU Cooperation in Albania, on the occasion of Europe Day, organized an event with the slogan “I am European”. This event is celebrated in memory of “Schuman Declaration”, the first European Treaty signed by countries that initiated the European Union. The […]

  • “I would have no hesitation in recommending Vatra Design Consultancy to anyone that wishes to deal with an Agency that delivers and has outstanding knowledge of branding / marketing in its every demonstration.” – Suela Bisha, Head of Marketing at Finken Drogeriemarkt.

    — Finken Drogeriemarkt
  • Finken. The new beauty and household store in the local market

    Finken is an Albanian – Austrian investment that requires fast and efficient positioning in the Albanian retail market that deals with specific public consumption products related to body care and households. The parent company, as one of the biggest import enterprises in Albania for this type of products, and well known international brands, undertook the initiative […]

  • “Vatra was contacted for the development of our new identity. Their work was highly efficient, both in terms of time and quality. Any questions or problems were answered immediately with a great deal of care and knowledge.” – Bealba Mata. Administrator at IuteCredit Albania.

    — Iutecredit
  • An ironic strong impact communication strategy for Iutecredit

    IuteCredit was created in Estonia by a group of financial investors, in a strong and growing market such as the emerging Estonian market. The Group is a leader for micro-credit financing not only in Estonia but also in Moldova, a country which has given the company ascending success, where thousands of people have found immediate […]

  • The revival of Albanian Railway is starting

    The first railways in Albania were built in the years 1916 – 1917, constructed by the Austro-Hungarian army. After some changes in the railway network during the period before World War II, in 1946, the Durres – Peqin railway was constructed followed, in 1947, by Durres – Tirana railway line. The Albanian Railway is a […]

  • “With their innovative ideas and solutions we achieved a trustworthy and fruitful campaign. At Vatra, we found professionalism, total reliability and record time achievements. We are happy that besides good friends we have found true partners.” – Mr. Afrim Yzeiraj. CEO of Electromagic ltd – Teka Representative for Albania.

    — Teka Albania
  • “It has been great fun working with Vatra on the design of my logo. The process was entirely collaborative. They listened to my likes and dislikes, and provided great advice and direction when required. I was immediately impressed with their professionalism, dedication and love for their work. What a great little team!.” – Enkelejda Ferrollari, Founder, CEO at Silhouette Diet Center.

    — Silhouette Diet Center
  • “With more than ten years in the market, and in addition to our knowledge regarding the customer and market needs, Agrotek ltd decided to enter the market by constructing a chicken farm. Vatra was selected among other companies because they offered great creative ideas in naming, design, and advertising. I would say that they create beauty, with contemporary standards. Designed with taste, and served with professionalism, we believe this is just too little to say in appreciation of Vatra. Our experience with Vatra is an experience that makes us glad to recommend them to anyone in search of a professional team with excellent customer care.” – Mrs. Meli Bejko, Administrator at Agrotek Albania ltd.

    — Tik Tik Farm
  • Eat right and healthy with Silhouette renewed identity

    Silhouette is a dietology center based in Tirana engaged constantly on healthy nutrition education. This center is created and managed by professionals of the sector. Besides consultancy on personalized nutritional programs, its system includes a kitchen in which different menus are prepared according to the needs of each client. Silhouette Dietology Center has required from […]

  • Fast. Safe. Everywhere. This is Albanian Post Office (Posta Shqiptare)

    Posta Shqiptare (Albanian Postal System) is a customer oriented, public service company with an elaborate network that covers all the territory of the country, reaching the remotest rural areas. APS offers a wide range of financial services with competitive prices for individuals, businesses and institutions. It was founded on 28 November 1912 simultaneously with the […]

  • “It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team at Vatra Design Consultancy. The service, from start to finish has been efficient, professional and very creative. We choose this team, as they stood out from the other companies in their creative and enthusiastic approach. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a sleek, individual and professional corporate branding.” – Ms. Anila Aliaj, Marketing manager at Delta Group Albania.

    — Delta Group
  • Vatra Design Consultancy behind the new look of Delta Group

    Delta Group started its activity in 1996 in the city of Elbasan. During these 19 years the company has experienced expansive growth in all branches. This construction material company owes its success also to the partnerships and exclusive rights it has with prestigious mostly German companies. It is a parent business of well-known brands in […]

  • “I had the great pleasure of working with Vatra for our advertising campaign launched in 2014-2015. During this project, the agency showed a high degree of expertise in advertising, including post-production and media strategy and buying. They have an experienced and very creative staff that put all their efforts into a project, not only by proposing highly creative communication ideas but also by delivering on time. This campaign was one of the most effective and successful for our company and I would strongly recommend Vatra to any business that wants a high quality service in marketing communications.” – Ms. Arlinda Dega. Advisor to CEO for Marketing & Public Relations at the Albanian Postal Service.

    — Albanian Post Office
  • “We express our gratitude to Vatra, for its cooperation and support in the development projects of our company Profarma JSC, focusing on our future. By understanding clearly and adopting our goals they have been part of our staff with their professional creativity and advice. Now, walking in the road that we constructed together, we are certain of the successful promotion of our company.” – Mrs. Aurela Shota, PR Director at Profarma JSC.

    — Profarma
  • Inspired by modernity. New look and communication strategy for Profarma products

    Profarma is one of the oldest Albanian companies. Founded immediately after the liberation of the country in the premises of Tirana hospital it was the sole state company for the production of medicaments until the beginning of the 90s. During the 90s the company was subject to a series of changes for the modernization of […]

  • “Vatra’s response to the brief was significant in that it increased awareness and perceived exclusivity of the product. Very happy with our new brand and marketing collateral. People are going out of the way to praise it.” – Mrs. Fabiola Hysenbelliu, Vice President of Hysenbelliu Group.

    — Fab Natural Water
  • “Birra Korça have worked with Vatra many times to design advertising strategy and messages, packaging and POS materials. They always came up with creative solutions to tell better and in a clever way our needs, our purposes, handled our timelines & budgets efficiently. They are fun, imaginative & professional to work with.” – Mr. Arli Naska, Administrator at Birra Korça.” – Mr. Arli Naska, Administrator at Birra Korça.

    — Birra Korça
  • Fab Natural Water, the newborn brand of summer 2014

    The management of HYSENBELLIU GROUP decides to lunch on the saturated market of Albania a new brand of natural water. This product is bottled at the springs of Saint Mary near the Dajti Mountain in Tirana. For the launch of this new product, the Group challenges our agency to develop a full identity design and […]

  • “Our cooperation with Vatra was not the first for our company in the domestic market, but definitely the best. With maximum commitment from the staff and unmatched professionalism, Vatra gave a great impetus to our business by significantly increasing the audience for our brand.” – Mrs. Elona Kodra, Head of Sales at Electromagic ltd – Miele Representative for Albania.

    — Miele Albania
  • Miele is Always Better. A successful brand re-launch strategy

    Miele was born in Germany in 1899 founded by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann. It started as a factory for washing machines/centrifuges while today is one of the giants of home appliances specially focused in the production of build in appliances. Miele has been an independent family-owned company since its establishment. Differently from similar companies […]

  • “Vatra designed the brand of the Council of Europe, Albanian Chairmanship for the period of May – November 2012. Their creativity has become part of our challenge and vision. They brought contemporary artwork through a sophisticated and communicative graphic language. Vatra highlighted with their identity the values of the European Committee and defined in a very clean design our main message – “United in Diversity”. – Mr. Edmond Haxhinasto, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania.

    — Council of Europe / Albanian Chairmanship
  • New visual identity for Albanian Customs

    Albanian Customs is the public body/bureau which protects the financial and economic interests of the country. It guarantees safety and protection of society and business partners by supporting them in managing risk through a series of efficient and effective controls to detecting anyone who violates the law, facilitating trade practices through the implementation of modern […]

  • Lori Natural Tea & Lori Brown Cup. A colourful natural identity for a new hot-drink brand

    For two decades Valtelina has been the leading Albanian company in coffee, hot drinks products and services operating in Albania, Kosova, Montenegro, Macedonia (FYROM) and Greece. Regarding to market demands, consumers needs and new taste trends they decided to make new expansions and develop a new product collection branded Lori Natural Tea followed by Lori […]

  • “It is my pleasure to congratulate our successful cooperation with Vatra Design Consultancy. Their staff has shown great professionalism, competence, creativity, and commitment in understanding the vision and mission of our company and translating them into a visual identity. Vatra’s innovative ideas treated with special care are always welcome to forge a long-term, fruitful cooperation.” – Mrs. Artila Ulaj, General Administrator at Gener 2 plc.

    — Gener 2 Construction
  • ” We define our experience with Vatra as: Creative, Professional and Successful Partnership” – Mr. Eduard Poda, General Director – Valtelina ltd.”

    — Lori Caffe
  • Beata. A healthy natural new brand

    As one of the largest investment in North Albania, Beata was created with the purpose to be a leader company in the poultry sector. The farm is focused in raising egg-laying and meet producing chickens and also in the sales of the product to the consumer through its distribution agents to the best Albanian stores […]

  • “Vatra Design Consultancy work on the rebranding of Albanian Railway has been thoroughly professional from start to finish. The Vatra staff ‘s ability to quickly understand and concisely convey the key messages through the different actions was highly impressive. They demonstrate an extremely experienced in producing a cutting-edge brand, both cost effectively and confidently in a short time frame by an extremely flexible and reliable team. A thoroughly professional production, thank you.” – Genc Alizoti, General administrator of Albanian Railways.

    — Albanian Railways
  • The happymakers, a leitmotif for your holidays

    Savatours is a leading tour operator in Albania which offers tours and vacation packages to in-coming as well as out-going clients. After many years of providing tourist services to it’s local clients, who seek to spent their vacations abroad, Savatours has accumulated the necessary experience to become the biggest company in the tourist market selling organized […]

  • “Vatra has designed the identity of our firm and we keep relying on their services by believing in their sophisticated approach.” – Mr. Perparim Kalo, Founder, Managing Partner of Kalo & Associates.

    — Kalo & Associates
  • Ventus Harbor, the new touristic spot in the city of Durres

    Ventus is an artificial land construction over water. The investment in the city of Durres, Albania constructed and developed on the waterfront claims its identity as a public place. Enriches the seaside with recreational and commercial activities, such as cafes and restaurants, welcomes anchoring of boats and receives visitors from sea and land. Ventus has […]

  • “I consider you to be the people that “baptized” this achievement, which is not only owned by the investors but by the entire city as well. I hope for spot-on professional “findings”, so that the name, logo and all branding solutions are in adaption of the project idea and concept. Good wishes.” – Mr. Emiljan Metaj, Administrator at Ventus Harbor.

    — Ventus Harbor
  • “I would like to express our great appreciation for the relationship that our company has with Vatra Agency. APM ltd has always been happy with the service that your company offers, so we want to thank you for the awesome cooperation we have had during all this time. We are looking forward to working with you in the future.” – Mr. Altin Fuga, CEO & Technical Director at APM ltd.

    — APM Industrial Construction
  • “We confirm with this testimonial the cooperation with Vatra Design Consultancy. Since 2009, the time of our first collaboration with the agency we had great design and communicational support to grow our business. I had to say that their work is extremely professional, correct and successful for our purposes. We can strongly recommend the agency as a highly collaborative, professional and trusted partner in this market.” – Dritan Caka, Executive Director at Dev-Inf Real Estate.

    — Dev-Inf Real Estate
  • Cineplexx, the brand-new entertainment spot in Tirana

    Network International GmbH Cineplexx cinema investing for the first time in Albania is one of the best companies in the world for broadcasting of movies with high quality technology. Operating mainly in Austria, where it had 27 cinemas, the company started regional expansion into Southeast Europe in late 2000s. So far, the company has acquired […]

  • “It has been our pleasure to work with Vatra during the past years. There is nothing better than to cooperate with a team whose creativity knows no boundaries. Vatra immerse themselves in projects, and understand any brief they were given and consistently surpassed our expectations, delivering a product far better that we could have ever imagined. We are delighted to call Vatra one of our key collaborators during our opening campaign. We believe that they are one of the best creative teams in Albania.” – Ms. Radmilla Marash, PR & Marketing Manager at Cineplexx Albania.

    — Cineplexx Albania
  • Deka and Vodafone together to reward Albanian customers

    Deka is one of the many branches of AM Group. Founded in 1991, AM Group is one of the first and largest successful businesses established in Albania. Some of their brands like Deka and Olim oil are undisputed leaders in the market. Deka was initially founded in 1992, and mainly focused on the trade of […]

  • VATRA, 10th Anniversary … and counting …

    A decade of passion, commitment and energy. Characterized by the eagerness to be unique and what’s most important to produce always an unalleviated innovative standard for ourselves and our clients. That is the essence of what was determined to be called VATRA. New unmatched ideas are the compass in our long journey. They constitute change and […]

  • “It’s a pleasure to work with an agency which not only understands our needs, but also adds value through their pro-active creative ideas. Their responsiveness, implementation and professionalism far exceed industry norms and even my own expectations.” – Mr. Artur Zheji, Editor in Chief – Mapo Media Group.

    — Mapo Media Group
  • “Working with Vatra has been a very interesting cooperation which exceeds common boundaries of simply offering a service by going further into offering a partnership. Vatra staff has been very welcoming, with a desire to understand our needs and fulfill them like a family and in the same time with professionalism, punctuality and tangible results.” – Ms. Viola Daci, Administrator at Avex ltd.

    — Lindt & Sprungli
  • Sophie, the newest meeting point for people who likes good taste

    Sophie Caffe & Snacks is a new local-friendly, socially conscious coffee and snacks shop in Tirana. They offer freshly prepared coffee, bistro and food twenty-four hours a day, all served in a friendly, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Vatra was appointed and entrusted to name the brand, design the identity accompanying with stationary and all the […]

  • “We have been very impressed by Vatra’s Staff ability to literally read what is really on our minds and deliver a corporate identity that perfectly symbolizes our vision and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image we needed to sustain the development of our company in the Albanian saturated market. They have an exceptional ability to transform vision and direction into on-target creative. I strongly recommend Vatra for creative work and strategy at all levels of sophistication.” – Mrs. Lenica Merkuri, CFO at Sophie Caffé.

    — Sophie Caffé
  • “We’re talking about smart people doing smart work. The team perfectly assess the situation, bring outside experience to deliver, get smart about the business, and are courageous about execution.” – Mr. Altin Bamllari, Co-founder of Era Restaurant.

    — Era Company
  • Klinika Italiane, a communication strategy for the future of your health

    Vatra was appointed and contracted to develop several advertising campaigns throughout the year for the Italian Clinic. The reason of those informative advertising campaigns was to introduce to all Albanian patients, also from the region the great possibility to address their health problems at a much lower cost, and treat them in contemporary terms, with […]

  • “I specifically appreciate the fact that they genuinely know the local market and are happy to share what they know freely – with no pressure. In all this, the Vatra team seems to me very open-minded in every project we’ve worked on together, and this is their business strength.” – Mr. Anesti Nano, Administrator of Italian Clinic.

    — Italian Clinic “San Antonio”
  • A law firm brochure mixed with Albanian traditional elements

    HAXHIA & HAJDARI Attorneys at Law, was the first Law Firm that was founded after the abatement of the communist dictatorship which had prohibited the private Law Firms since the year 1968. The Law Firm established in 1992, has been a constant factor in the Albanian legal consulting business. Haxhia & Hajdari Law Firm provides […]

  • “Our cooperation with Vatra started in 2009 on a two-year contract basis. It was a crucial time for our company; we were looking for change on our fifth anniversary, we wanted to enhance change, better customer care, experience and technology through a new brand identity. Vatra staff through their creativity responded with perfection, good time scale, great ideas and professionalism. Their design work for the identity of Digitalb p.l.c. was applied not only corporate and digital branding, but spread out also to ATL, BTL, and even to naming and designing our retail chain stores, “Digitalb Units”. I would recommend Vatra to anyone that is looking for a quality and professional partner. We define our working experience with Vatra as creative and very professional. They have great dedication and efforts towards clients’ needs. Vatra has delivered creativity and great results to our company.” – Mr. Alban Jaho, Administrator at Digitalb plc.

    — Digitalb
  • Tirana Forum for Economic Freedom. A visual identity to discuss the opportunities of the capital

    The Foundation for Economic Freedom is a non-profit organization that supports ideas, projects and debates inspired by the idea of economic freedom, as the base on which other freedoms are founded, and as the basic idea on which democratic systems and a society of freedom and human rights are build upon. The mission of the […]

  • Vatra designed labeling for the new sub-brand of Deka; Deka Professional

    The new product Deka is introducing to the market is a liquid cleaner. Client’s demand was to show its amazing results for their cleaning needs. Also the labeling had to be easy visible on the shelves. Vatra designed labeling for a series of different fragrances they trade. For the sub-brand ‘Professional’ we used a gray […]

  • “I would recommend Vatra to anyone that is looking for a quality and professional partner. We define our working experience with Vatra as creative and very professional. They have great dedication and efforts towards clients’ needs. Vatra has delivered creativity and great results to our company.” – Mr. Dritan Shakohoxha, General Manager at Supersport

    — Super Sport
  • New Crest & Identity for Sport Club Skenderbeu

    Sport Club Skenderbeu is the oldest club in Albania. It was founded in 1909 by the patriot, writer, and distinguished politician of that time Hile Mosi, under the name “The Brotherhood”. In 1928 the sport club was renamed after the Albanian National Hero “Skenderbeu”. Sport Club Skenderbeu won the first Albanian championship title in 1933, […]

  • New health-care solutions from Noval, a brand designed by Vatra

    Noval is a new Pharmaceutical Company established in Albania which develops, produces, and markets generic drugs. Noval provides health-care solutions to patients and their success is build on a solid foundation, their commitment to serve responsibly and with accountability, so they can become a trustworthy partner for the wellbeing of their clients. The pharmaceutical sector […]

  • “We went hiring Vatra as part of a full branding project and highly recommend it. It has been an integral part of the process where our team was able to develop a mutual understanding of where we are looking to position the brand. The end result was a clearly defined brand concept that fitted with the vision, mission and structure of our business. Working with you guys is one of the best decisions we have ever made as a firm and we are really looking forward to carrying on our relationship in the future.” – Mrs. Anila Duro, General Director at Noval.

    — Noval Pharmaceuticals
  • Vatra designed a new Product, Catalogue for Deka

    Deka needed to display their range of products, a clear, concise and attractive product catalogue design to entice their customers. The perfect product catalogue design needs to be simple and visually appealing. Vatra designed a positive and lasting impression product catalogue that not only delivers essential qualities but also engages the audience with a clear […]

  • Bluepoint Petroleum, competing in the market with a brand designed by Vatra

    BluePoint Petroleum plc. is a new company in the Petrochemical Industry for the Albanian market. They entered in the market buying the business from the well-known Greek company named Hellenic Petroleum (EKO) in Albania. Vatra was called to design and build a professional brand image to include Naming, Brand Identity, Corporate Products and Website. Demanding […]

  • European University of Tirana, committed to high standards. A strong brand developed by Vatra

    Vatra’s cooperation with UET is not limited just on the challenge to design their successful advertising campaigns. This cooperation extends much further and envisions the unification… of the brand with its guidelines to establish a language by which UET communicates and expresses itself as an organization. Our enterprise was to create the brand guidelines starting […]

  • “When we first came up with the idea of a more contemporary image for our company, we were looking for a creative firm that not only met our standards, but also matched us in professionalism, dedication and prestige. Vatra studied our field of operation, took our ideas and vision and in a combined effort with our team, managed to turn them into what we believe to be an image for the future. We are looking forward to further cooperation in the future.” – Mr. Neritan Dojaka, Administrator at Albaelettrica.

    — Albaelettrica
  • European University of Tirana launches new advertising campaign developed by Vatra

    The European University of Tirana 2012 Campaign was focused on highlighting the importance of getting an education through an institution that delivers professionalism, quality, dedication and valuable diploma for the future. To spread those important messages we choose record the President of the UET and the Leader of Master Program as the key figures of […]

  • First advertising campaign for the new one-year basis contract with Citypark

    Vatra was contracted on a one-year basis to create and develop several advertising campaigns through the year. The most recent campaign was designed in order to promote their season sales campaign. Our short in words and very clear composition was represented in black background with a combination of white and yellow color for the content, […]

  • TV Klan HD – making the change in a redesigned brand identity created by Vatra

    In the competitive landscape, where technological changes are undergoing in every field, TV Klan chose to redesign the brand making its image more appealing to the audience. TV Klan approached Vatra with the challenge of revitalizing the brand by bringing it to a functional shape, aesthetically correct and organized brand identity. Except of the brand […]

  • “Vatra has proved to be creative, unique and with the ability to deliver a high quality campaign even with a very short deadline. The campaign had a great impact on our target audience with very satisfying end results.” – Ms. Majlinda Hakani, Chief Executive at Raiffeisen Leasing plc.

    — Raiffeisen Leasing
  • New TVC for Albanian Development Fund by Vatra

    The Albanian Development Agency entrusted Vatra to develop and produce an TV Commercial. This advertising TVC was realized through motion graphics combining music, typeface and graphics. For their new TVC campaign Vatra created a conceptual TVC representing the institution’s activity and their concrete obligation to bring life in areas without development. Dried leaf becoming alive […]

  • “Vatra was contacted for the development of our new identity their work was highly efficient, both in terms of time and quality. Any questions or problems were answered immediately with a great deal of care and knowledge.” – Mr. Edmond Komini, General Secretary of National Chamber of Advocacy of Albania.

    — National Chamber of Advocacy of Albania
  • Council of Europe, Albanian Chairmanship, a Brand Identity designed by Vatra

    The Council of Europe, based in Strasbourg (France), now covers virtually the entire European continent, with its 47 member countries. Founded on 5 May 1949 by 10 countries, the Council of Europe seeks to develop throughout Europe common and democratic principles based on the European Convention on Human Rights and other reference texts on the […]

  • “The collaboration with Vatra was a positive and fruitful experience. This coincided with the creation of the ADF’s corporate image. With their creativity Vatra produced for us a fresh and dynamic image, which reflects the motto of our institution. With its professionalism, creativity, experience, and especially its philosophy, Vatra has contributed to enhance the quality and level of design services in Albania.” – Mr. Benet Beci, Executive Director at Albanian Development Fund.

    — Albanian Development Fund
  • Kalo & Associates appoint Vatra for its identity and corporate products

    Established in 1994 Kalo & Associates is recognized as a leading law firm in both Albania and Kosovo. The firm provides a broad range of legal services in all core areas of commercial and corporate law for domestic, foreign and multinational companies. It has a sophisticated practice dedicated to providing clients with high-quality, efficient and […]

  • Vatra rebranded the Identity of University Hospital Center Our Lady of Good Counsel, also offered Advertising and PR Services

    Zoja e Keshillit te Mire Foundation (Our Lady of Good Counsel) was founded by the Sons of the Immaculate Lady Congregation in 1993. This foundation represents in Albania the intentions and inspiration of the gospel of love expressed in the life of an Italian clergyman by the name of Luigi Maria Monti (Bovisio Masciago 1825 […]

  • “Vatra has assisted our company to prepare and manage the marketing campaign of launching a new product and we are really pleased to confirm that its services have been very professional, fast, and serious. Vatra has always been available to provide us with the best-updated and effective information and knowledge, innovative ideas and cooperative performance.” – Mr. Mirton Lika, Administrator of Albanian Beverages Group.

    — Bora Natural Water
  • “SHQIPERIA” of Ben Blushi, a cover and advertisement campaign developed by Vatra

    Mapo Editions is the newest Publishing House in Albania under the management of Mapo Media Group. Complimentary of the periodicals like Mapo Newspaper, Mapo magazine and Madame Mapo, the publishing house brings a new dimension to the readers. In the words of Henry Cili director of Mapo Publishing’s this initiative follows along the traditions of […]

  • Now, Fresh Albanian Chicken has a name: Tik Tik, a quality brand from Agrotek Farm

    Agrotek Farm develops its activity since 2001 in the sector of animal’s food production. Agrotek Farm brings to Albanian consumers its new product: Fresh Albanian Chicken, ensuring quality and Class A bird’s natural growth, without antibiotics and no hormones. Agrotek Farm contacted and entrusted Vatra to name the brand and to create it. The actual […]

  • “Our Foundation invited Vatra with a crucial and main requirement: to unify the image in one solid brand and to create a strong image that complies with the trends of the time. Vatra staff has replied so far to all our target needs and requirements with great measured results. They know and comply very well with the local mentality and understanding. Through their ideas, creativity and work discipline, Vatra designed and applied not only our refined identity, but also they promoted through publicity and public relation campaigns our services and the latest medical solutions offered by our foundation. I would refer them without hesitation to any company or individual, as professional, creative and hard working staff.” – Father Daniele Bertoldi, President of Our Lady of Good Counsel Foundation.

    — Our Lady of Good Counsel
  • Vatra makes showroom planning and designs exhibional stand for Lindt at Klik Expo

    Lindt & Sprungli is recognized as a leader in the market for premium quality chocolate, offering a large selection of products in more than 100 countries around the world. In Albania and Kosovo Lindt products are imported and distributed for 18 years from one of the biggest companies in the country Avex ltd. Avex ltd […]

  • “To work with Vatra on creativity and advertising means to work with talented and professional people. They have a great working discipline, which distinguish them from other businesses in the sector in Albania. With their creativity and knowledge of the local mentality they always get the best for their clients.” – Ing. Fatmir Bektashi, General Administrator of Kontakt Group plc.

    — Kontakt Construction
  • Vatra created new identity for Duni Port Agency, Representative of Ventouris Ferries

    Duni Port Agency is present in Albania, Kosova, FYROM and Monte Negro for many years now. Duni is a solid business with a long and successful experience. It is for this reason why they are the choice of exclusive representative of the well – known company Ventouris Ferries; they process all their traffic in the […]

  • “Vatra’s integrated approach has been extremely important, from the redesign of our logo through to our full identity and video visual concepts, by providing a seamless consistent brand message through all the different touch points of Klan Television.” – Mr. Eptan Lohja, Head of Marketing at TV Klan.

    — TV Klan
  • Dance Challenge United Kingdom has a new identity designed by Vatra

    Established in 2005, Dance Challenge is a unique international dance competition providing young dancers with an opportunity to gain almost instant acclaim for their talent, creativity and hard work. From its home – based in United Kingdom, Dance Challenge is expanding rapidly to other European countries. Therefore rebranding and an improvement of its online presence […]

  • “We value the relationships that you cultivate. You have come a long way with your work such as branding and promoting our project. It is rare to find a company who cares as much as Vatra does about getting it right and doing it well. We are very satisfied with the quality and performance. We will continue to work with Vatra and I sincerely recommend them to anyone looking for a professional team with excellent and personal customer service. Thank you.” – Arc. Astrit Nixha, Anarch Architects.

    — Anarch Architects
  • Vatra rebrand BANG BANG channel on Digitalb Pay TV Platform

    Digitalb appointed Vatra to tackle the rebranding of the new main identity and sub channel identities, for its platform channels. Vatra’s cooperation with Digitalb gave birth to a vision that is not confined by the present achievements but is a challenge to launch the company’s image to a new dimension that matches their sky raising […]

  • Dedicated poster design for DANIEL LIBESKIND Lecture in Albanian University

    With the initiative of KONTAKT Construction company, Mr. Daniel Libeskind was invited on a lecturing in Albanian University. Vatra designed dedicated poster and invitation letter for this event. View the Work about this client

  • “La Blanche and Plaetor are valorous initiatives of our company, which of course had reliable and sympathetic input from Vatra partners in their very first steps. Our cooperation with Vatra is a successful practice that not only accentuates the identity of our brands, but also broadens our vision to better apprehend the progress of marketing and design in Albania.” – Mr. Jozef Bazhdari, Administrator of Bella Confex.

    — Bella Confex
  • New advertising campaign for UET (European University of Tirana)

    UET is the fastest growing Non Public University in Albania. UET was established by a group of individuals composed of academics, university lecturers, journalists… and experienced managers from the public and private higher education. UET has gained a reputation as an educational institution distinguished by quality and high standards. Vatra was invited as part of […]

  • “Our cooperation with Vatra Design Consultancy has been perpetually successful. In every project we have had with Vatra, we have seen extraordinary skills of this team of professionals to interpret the essence of what we wanted to create. They have been able through their work and products to preserve the identity of the corporation with style and elegance. Vatra’s final product has always surpassed our initial vision. Not only do they generate unique graphic designing but also they are also very keen with the smallest details. They create products that are consistent, contemporary, long-lived and unique. I am fully pleased with everything Vatra has done for us so far and I really look forward to our next cooperation with them.” – Mr. Ani Xhafa, General Director at Deka plc.

    — Deka
  • Madame Mapo is a brand new magazine in the Albanian press market dedicated to women and Vatra tasks was to design the first advertising campaign

    ”In one way or another, women get always what they want” was the quote of Mrs. Iva Tico, the director of Madame Mapo Magazine and that was the quote used for the outdoor advertising campaign and the TV spot. View the Work about this client

  • Vatra designed the visual Identity for BARKEA, the new residential villas constructed from Anarch Studio.

    Vatra designed the visual Identity for Barkea, the new residential villas constructed from Anarch Studio. Naming, identity, product design etc.; this was a wide range of services provided from our agency. Simple rectangular based shape, makes the symbol much more memorable and represents the modern architecture of the villas. We selected a typeface that enhances […]

  • “The long-term relationship developed between AM Group and Vatra is not just a relationship between creative and buyer, because this is not what our Group is looking for in a partner company. We wouldn’t have created anything if Vatra Agency didn’t understand exactly the real philosophy of our companies, brands and messages that we wanted to bring to the attention of our customers. We consider Vatra part of our team and a crucial point in our growing strategy.” – Mr. Mirush Bejko, General Director at Olim ltd.

    — Olim
  • “Vatra’s team is definitely brilliant and helpful, full of talent, dedication and passion for web design and valuable ideas. They did a wonderful job and we absolutely recommend them to all colleagues and beyond as a full package deal.” – Ms. Venera Jaupllari, Associate, Research and Communication Manager at Haxhia & Hajdari Attorneys at Law.

    — Haxhia & Hajdari Attorneys
  • “The decision to work with Vatra on this new project has been one of the best moves we’ve made. The creativity Vatra’s team brings to the table is unparalleled by any other. Vatra has far exceeded any expectations in delivering our new branding & packaging.” – Mrs. Anila Bashllari, Vice President of HB Group.

    — Egnatia Winery
  • “The process of reviewing the Intermed brand and how we wanted to position our group in the future, was handled with great professionalism and efficiency by the Vatra team. Their collaborative approach, structure and momentum were important factors in the success of the project. Certainly a team I would recommend in the future.” – Mr. Petrit Maho, Founder, CEO at Intermed Pharmaceuticals.

    — Intermed
  • Vatra redesigned the brand and the packaging for the New Deka Enzy Power

    Deka, the largest Household product company comes to agreement Vatra to redesign the brand and a new packaging of 3 kg for the New Deka Enzy Power 9. White background to represent cleanliness, sea elements for its new perfume, bold and dynamic typeface makes a brand new image for the product. View the Work about […]

  • Albaelettrica competing on the market with a brand new identity and image

    Albaelettrica specializes in wholesale and retail of electrical equipment – civil and industrial, designing and installing them becoming therefore one of the first companies to provide the Albanian market with the variety and quality of contemporary products known throughout Europe. Vatra designed a new Corporate Identity for the company. We developed a modern image, dynamic […]

  • New Brand Identity for the biggest electrical supplier AlbaElettrica designed by Vatra

    Albaelettrica specializes in wholesale and retail of civil and industrial electrical equipment, in electrical systems design and installation. After many years of focused work and dedicated efforts Albaelectrica has set the standard as one of the very first prestigious companies in the Kosovo and Albanian markets that provides a wide range of high quality contemporary […]

  • “I was impressed with your thorough approach to the working process. With what I have experienced I would say that quality should be your middle name.” – Mr. Tomorr Kokona, Artistic Director at Dance Challenge, London, United Kingdom.

    — Dance Challenge
  • “Vatra has always been able to provide us with the best – updated and effective information, knowledge and innovative ideas ending with a very successful cooperative performance. We define our experience as very creative and professional. If you need dedication and creativity, Vatra is the agency to work with.” – Mr. Marco Sebastiani, Managing Director at Eurosupport (Fineurop).

    — Fineurop
  • ProCredit Bank Albania is one of the largest banks operating from more than 15 years in Albania

    ProCredit Bank Albania is one of the largest banks operating from more than 15 years in Albania. Vatra was appointed to create 3 TV Spots to support the indoor and outdoor campaign for 2 of their major products; Home and Agricultural Loan. Our agency has brought a new visual language to emphasize the products as […]

  • HB Group – Vatra was appointed to design beverage products, which are under the group’s management, Korca Gold, 01 Pilsen Beer and HB Premium Beer

    HB Group is one of leading groups on the food & beverage industry in Albania. The requirements were to design a strong and eyecatching Corporate Identity to show a high profile of business services. Also our agency was appointed to design beverage products, which are under the group’s managment, Korca Gold, 01 Pilsen Beer and […]

  • “Our cooperation with Vatra has been a beautiful experience. Vatra’s staff has supported us from the onset of our business venture, starting with the creation of the logo all the way. It is always a great pleasure to cooperate with creative people.” – Mr. Bujar Cepeli, General Administrator at Gotech Electronics ltd.

    — Gotech Electronics
  • Mapo Newspaper & Magazine is a new and different voice approaching the Albanian readers

    The newest paper and magazine in Albania has appointed Vatra to design their advertising campaign and news template. MAPO is a new and different voice approaching the albanian readers. Under the key message “Straight to the point” and simple Black and White origami, we enhanced the reality of the written media in our country through […]

  • “As we began our large project with Vatra such as branding and promoting our products, the ambition to be an example of a successful Albanian business became a small detail. We want to tell you that it has been a pleasure working with all your staff. It is quite refreshing to see that there are still people who are taking their business seriously. The way you run your business sets you apart as unmatched by your competitors in Albania and further afield.” – Mr. Flamur Zenelaj, General Manager at Arteg l.t.d.

    — Arteg
  • UET – Vatra was invited to design and manage the advertising campaign for their two new products Second Level Diploma and Master

    UET is the fastest growing Non Public University in Albania. Vatra was invited to design and manage the advertising campaign for their two new products Second Level Diploma and Master. We redefined the UET image as an innovative, open, human, people oriented and as the only accessible name within the Albanian education market. The campaign […]

  • “Since the first meeting with Vatra team, I personally had the impression of dealing with real professionals. My impression proved to be right. Ever since, I have suggested Vatra to every business I have been part of and to all of my friends as the best partner to choose for brand building and promotion. My partners and I were never disappointed. I will give the same advice to all of you that wish to create or to build your brand mark and defining your action as a: “A smart choice”! Something else not to forget, discuss only the price! About everything else, don’t bother, they are always right.” – Ms. Diana Biba – Administrator at BluePoint Petroleum Albania.

    — Bluepoint Petroleum
  • Bella Confex, Plaetor and La Blanche will be soon the first Albanian underwear brands in the Balkan region and Europe

    Bella Confex is established in the city of Shkodra, North of Albania. One of the largest phasonos manufactures in the country has decided to build their own brands for underwear products. Our agency has worked close with the managing staff on naming the brands and create the visual brand-marks. Plaetor – Mens Underwear and La […]

  • “Our cooperation with Vatra was the first experience with a domestic agency. We were not aware that in Albania existed a local company that offers expertise and service equal with agencies of international level. Our experience with Vatra would be defined as dedication, quality and professionalism. Without hesitation we recommend this agency to any international company that operates in Albania.” – Pamela Niko, General Administrator for Duni Port Agency ltd.

    — Duni & Ventouris Ferries
  • BORA Natural Oligomineral Water from the Ancient Source of Tomorri Mountain

    Albanian Beverages Group appointed our agency to design and advertise their new high quality product named BORA Water. Bora gushes from the Tomorri Mountain in South of Albania. Vatra designed a new, bold, fresh and eye-catching product design. The concept advertising campaign developed by our agency was based on a ballet scene (played by Ms. […]

  • “Vatra has assisted our company to prepare and manage the marketing campaign of launching a new product and we are really pleased to confirm that its services have been very professional, fast and serious. Vatra has always been keen to provide us with the best – updated and effective information and knowledge, innovative ideas and cooperative performance.” – Mr. Mirton Lika, Administrator of Albanian Beverages Group.

    — Albanian Beverages Group
  • “Over the past several years, I have worked with Vatra Design Consultancy on many projects. My experience working with this advertising agency has been nothing but extraordinary. The staff’s ability to think outside the box and reflect their creative ideas in real design and marketing products in a timely manner is nothing short of exceptional. Of all the marketing agencies in the city that I have worked, Vatra is second to none.” – Mr. Paul Wild, Head of Marketing & Retail in ICB.

    — International Commercial Bank
  • “We were most impressed with Vatra level of professionalism and the manner in which they handled our account. The dedication of resources and the extreme intellectual effort they made was the success of our purpose.” – Mr. Sokol Dervishi, Chief of Cabinet at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania.

    — Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • A New Identity for DIGITALB

    Digitalb has become the leading Albanian Terrestrial and Satellite Television Platform in the last 5 years. The platform is part of TOP MEDIA Group, a leading body in media and technology in South East Europe. Vatra was appointed to design a new main identity and sub identities, for its platform channels. We developed a bold, […]

  • SUPER SPORT, New, Bold and Eye – Catching Identity

    Super Sport Company part of Digitalb – Terrestrial and Satellite Television Platform. This is part of TOP MEDIA Group, a leading body in media and technology in South East Europe. Vatra was appointed to create a motion bold and vibrant main identity and sub identities for its channels. The identity reflects a wide range of […]

  • “I would define our relationship with Vatra as professionalism and dedication to our brands and companies, by offering a contemporary and high-standard service.” – Mrs. Anila Bashllari, Vice President of Hysenbelliu Group.

    — Hysenbelliu Group
  • “Like all great brands, Vatra stands for something. They’re inventive. Insightful. Enthusiastic. Passionate. Inspired, and at the end hospitable, a second home for your company. They ask the right questions and listen first, they do their research, they act with purpose and speak from experience. We can chose to redesign our identity with any agency, but we chose Vatra because we expect the best and these group always exceed our expectations. I like the way they over deliver.” – Jeta Bardhi, Managing Director at Savatours.

    — Savatours
  • Vas Tour and Albtours D, selected Vatra for their summer campaigns

    Vas is the first tour online operator in Albania and is under the management of Albtours D. Vas has a very well organised holiday network with more than 150 holiday agencies around the country. Vatra was appointed to develop TV campaigns for both companies. Vas Tour TV ads intend to communicate with the target audience […]

  • “We never imagined that our identity could be enhanced to such a great extent. Vatra team did much more than we expected and we very much appreciate the extra effort that they made to ensure that everything being just perfect.” – Ms. Suela Murataj, Marketing Manager at Demart Supermarkets.

    — Demart Supermarkets
  • New visual language for a lider in albanian education market – UET

    UET is the fastest growing Non Public University in Albania. Vatra was invited to design and manage the advertising campaign for their two new products Second Level Diploma and Master. We redefined the UET image as an innovative, open, human, people oriented and as the only accessible name within the Albanian education market. The campaign […]

  • Gotech Electronics, a new brand designed by Vatra

    Due to a new managing structure, Aiba Group decided to open a company which manage their Household products as well as their exclusivity companies like; HotPoint Ariston, Indesit and other global brands. Vatra was appointed to find and design a new company name, to enhance the company profile, retail strategy and vision for the future. […]

  • “This, we can promise, is not the last time we will use your services, and willingly we will spread the word to everyone we know, that there is in Albania such a professional service. We wish you further success in your business.” – Mr. Lorenc Molishti, President at Sidnej Ltd.

    — Sidnej Preserved Food
  • Homeplan, a new living way

    Kontakt Construction Company is operating in Albania since 1998. The company is well known for its high quality products, devotion, well knowledge of customer needs and customer behavior. Vatra was appointed to create a new brand for a new residential block constructed from Kontakt. Our agency provided a wide range of services like; naming, brand […]

  • “To work with Vatra on creativity and advertising means to work with talented and professional people. They have a great working discipline, which distinguishes them from other similar businesses in Albania. With their creativity and knowledge of the local mentality they always get the best for their clients.” – Ing. Fatmir Bektashi, General Administrator of Kontakt Group plc.

    — Homeplan Residence
  • One Magazine

    By now they are fully knowledgeable when it comes to the building of an image for a certain event, or making a product attractive till they accomplish the final goal, to sell it. They are convinced that this would have not been possible without the unbridled passion that has kept Vatra (the “Fireplace”) burning all […]

  • “Vatra was chosen to create the brand and marketing material for the launch of our new investment, a city mall with more than 100 shops, hypermarkets and other modern attractiveness. This resulted in the development of a most effective branding solution and a very professional technical document suite. At all stages of the process, the Vatra team was professional and sensitive to our needs.” – Ms. Reila Bozdo, Head of Promotion & Marketing Department at AM Group.

    — Citypark Shopping Centre
  • Government of Albania starts a wide TV Campaign

    Government of Albania is launching a wide TV Spots campaign on government achievements, targets and warnings. Prime Minister’s Offices has appointed Vatra to create and launch their messages to the audience only for two Ministries. The two TV spots were created for Ministry of Transport and Telecommunication also with the Ministry of Environment.

  • “Working with Vatra has been a great experience for us. Vatra’s staff has shown a high level of professionalism even with a very short deadline. We are looking forward working together on future products.” – Mr. Artur Kollcaku, Product Manager at Hoffmann La Roche in Albania.

    — Hoffmann La Roche
  • Hoffmann – La Roche appointed Vatra to organize the World Kidney

    Hoffmann – La Roche selected Vatra to organize on March 13th 2008 a marathon event for the World Kidney Day, in the National Park of Tirana, Albania. Under the message – ‘Better Preventing than Curing’, the International Society of Nephrology and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations are targeting to increase the public opinion and […]

  • ”In my personal opinion, Vatra have brought creativity and a contemporary image to our institution. I believe that they have strong advertising capabilities to evolve not just our appearance, but even our views, by making us competitive and contemporary in our dynamic and fast-changing country.” – Prof. Dr. Aleks Luarasi, Principal at Luarasi University.

    — Luarasi University
  • “Our company values the great work and professionalism shown by Vatra. With their knowledge, creativity and dedication they took the image of Mai Tai Resort to another dimension. Vatra was certainly a crucial point and a great partner for our future projects. Thank you, we are looking forward to working with you again.” – Mr. Gerti Barbullushi, Executive Administrator of Mai Tai Resort, Albania.

    — Mai Tai Resort
  • “Vatra staff understood the vision of our company and the needs of our customers. Vatra showed professionalism and dedication to our products. We are looking forward to working together on future projects.” – Mr. Albert Sino, General Administrator of Krik Krak Foods Ltd.

    — Krik Krak
  • Krik Krak launched a new product campaign

    The well known brand name Krik Krak, which has a long experience in Albanian market required from Vatra to redesign their main product under the same name. Their needs were to approach their audience with the new design and package. Involving the latest print techniques and a contemporary design the final product was successfully welcomed […]

  • Arteg selected Vatra to develop a new identity and products

    Arteg is an expert in the field of industrial products, focused on the import and the trade of kitchen appliances, electro-domestics, bar, restaurants and many other proffesional hardware products. Arteg is a sole trader in Albania for big brands like; Pyrex, Gimi, Giostyle, Bialetti, Stovmon, Borgonovo, Decover, Inoxrive, Soga-Noritazeh, Haschevher from Italy to Japan, from […]

  • Brand Identity for the biggest building in Albania, Aba Business Center and its sub brands designed by Vatra

    At the heart of the capital, in a quiet and easily accessible area, 200 m from the Lake of Tirana, raises the tallest building in the region: ABA Business Center. It consists of 21 floors above the ground, and 3 underground floors. The building is exceptional in that, among many other things, it projects unlimited […]

  • ”Vatra has always brought to us a different creative and philosophical experience. They know how to translate thoughts into communicative images.” – Mrs. Alketa Cerkezi, Marketing Manager – Mercuri Ltd

    — Mercuri
  • A new corporate identity for Albanian Development Fund

    Vatra was appointed to redesign ADF-s new corporate identity and many other creative services. A new, fresh, energetic and bold identity was created to emphasize a strong and professional institution like the Albanian Development Fund. ADF was created as an autonomous agency from Albanian Government and the Word Bank. They are specialized in civil works, […]

  • “Our cooperation with Vatra Design Consultancy has been perpetually successful. In every project we have had with Vatra, we have seen extraordinary skills of this team of professionals to interpret the essence of what we wanted to create. They have been able through their work and products to preserve the identity of the both corporations with style and elegance. Vatra’s final product has always surpassed our initial vision. Not only do they generate unique graphic designing but also they are also very keen with on the smallest details. I am fully pleased with everything Vatra has done for us so far and I really look forward to our next cooperation with them.” – Mr. Ani Xhafa, General Director at Deka plc.

    — Deka & Vodafone Albania
  • Emporiki Bank launched the New Mortgage Campaign

    Emporiki Bank is a member of Credit Agricole Group, one of the largest financial groups in Europe. The Bank has appointed our Agency to design “MY Home” Mortgage Campaign. This product has a specific target audience, which are the new and newly becoming couples. The main image and message campaign – “… selected for your […]

  • UMB University launches a new TV Campaign

    Marin Barleti University has appointed VATRA to design their new TV Campaign for the academic year 2007 -2008.The task of our agency was to create a new Campaign which will reflect a high profile institution in education, high academic qualities and the real life in MB University, all this witnessed from the Marin Barleti University […]

  • Vatra designs a new Campaign for Raiffeisen Leasing in Albania

    Raiffeisen Leasing plc appointed Vatra to design their new media campaign. Warning and eye catching colors have been applied to a simple, but very straight to point design, which is created to attract car buyers from two main targets; individuals and business. View the Work about this client

  • AM Group appoint’s Vatra to design the identity of Citypark – Tirana

    Vatra designs the new identity of Citypark-Tirana. The newest investment made from AM Group is offering to the albanian market one of the biggest centers in the West Balkan countries, Which includes; Shopping Mall, 5* Hotel, Cinema and Enterteiment Area. View the Work about this client

  • “Working with Vatra to enhance the philosophy and the standard of our newspaper was a challenging and great experience for us. Through their creative work they communicate clearly and straight with the specific target audience. We are definitely going to push further our relationship on future progress with Vatra Agency.” – Mr. Henri Cili, Chief Editor at Standard Newspaper

    — Standard Daily News
  • “Vatra is our marketing and branding agency for more than 10 years. Is a design agency you can trust. From its top quality work to its professional team, to its attention to detail and its proficient productivity, you can’t go wrong with this company. I had real pleasure working with Vatra for several projects and their work always exceeds my expectations. We hire them for the creation of an Brand Identity from A to Z for our new line of tea and chocolate hot drinks. And as always they did a great job. A big up for them.” – Mrs. Vjollca Hoxha, President at Valtelina ltd.

    — Lori Natural Tea
  • Vatra designs a new brand campaign for Lori Caffe

    Vatra has recently designed the new brand identity for Lori Caffe who is aiming a new, fresh, modern image which complies with their high quality products and services. View the Work about this client

  • SMI Party appoint’s Vatra to design the Local Election Campaign

    Vatra was appointed to design and implement the Local Election Campaign for Socialist Movement for Integration of Albania on February 2007. The party needs and requrements were to follow the same suscessful and eycatching design, which was created also by our agency for SMI on the General Election Campaign on July 2005.

  • “Working with Vatra has shown to be very successful collaboration for our products. Vatra guys have professional views, contemporary ideas and great knowledge of the local language. All these qualities have made our product campaigns very competitive on the market. We would name our experience as unique and as a necessity for the success of our bank in Albania.” – Ms. Herjola Spahiu, Head of Retail Banking and Marketing Division at Crédit Agricole Albania (formerly Emporiki Bank).

    — Crédit Agricole Albania