Now, Fresh Albanian Chicken has a name: Tik Tik, a quality brand from Agrotek Farm


Agrotek Farm develops its activity since 2001 in the sector of animal’s food production. Agrotek Farm brings to Albanian consumers its new product: Fresh Albanian Chicken, ensuring quality and Class A bird’s natural growth, without antibiotics and no hormones. Agrotek Farm contacted and entrusted Vatra to name the brand and to create it. The actual work required was to design labeling for the packaging of the product according to client’s demand. The brand had to present the values of the company and their product. Naturally grown, fresh served poultry appealing to every potential customer. Based on research that was done and after a lot of proposed names and discussed with enthusiasm the new product was named Tik Tik. Tik Tik is an interjection of the Albanian language that is used to call the chickens. Is a sweet common sound with a catchy melody to its pronunciation, pleasant and easy to be remembered.

Tik Tik is designed together with the symbol of a chicken enclosed by graphics that represent nature, like the circle shape that represents the sun. The typeface was particularly chosen and edited to resemble the shape of poultry. The Tik Tik label is present in all products packaging designed in a clear and neat manner while being consumer friendly with all the necessary information that is useful to the customers. Tik Tik is the first Albanian brand that includes in the label proper food nutrition values. Moreover Vatra spread the identity through a full advertising campaign, indoor and outdoor advertisement and TVC.

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