Smile, seriously!

Vatra opened its doors in November 2003 and since then it has had one objective, receive a smile for every job delivered. We smile when we are happy, we are happy when we are successful, and our clients are always smiling.

Our work has evolved during the years, but what doesn’t change is our ability to always be creative and original. The main goal is to pleasantly surprise our clients the same way anyone would be surprised from getting a gift. To make a gift special enough to give this effect, it is required to know the recipient well. We work hard to get to know our clients, involve them as much as we can in the creative process, turning their vision into reality through our creative team.

We know that one of the hardest parts of any business for entrepreneurs is delegating to someone else. Giving such an important duty as marketing to someone who is not part of your organisation requires great trust. Vatra thrives in such conditions because of our ability to quickly understand and integrate key elements of our clients’ philosophy in all of our work, giving special care in maintaining and improving brand value and brand affinity.

Our projects are creative and joyful, but never forgetting to also be professional, always delivering the best work we can and within a set deadline. By taking calculated risks and creating original campaigns that set our clients apart from the rest, Vatra has become a beacon of creativity and an example to be followed by the up and coming marketing agencies. We pride ourselves into turning complex ideas in easily understandable campaigns, logos, brands, bringing smilies to our clients when they see their vision come to life.

So, we wish you happy holidays and a successful 2020!

*Vatra is a leading digital, design and brand communication agency passionately connecting brands to 55 million Balkan consumers.