The biggest Albanian poultry producer, Tik Tik, chooses Vatra Agency as its social media agency.

Tik Tik is one of the biggest Albanian brands in the fresh food industry. The company brings to the market healthy and 100% naturally grown Albanian chickens. Part of Agrotek Group, the company’s primary distribution is through retailers and foodservice distributors. Tik Tik has been, for a long time, a business‐to‐business wholesale product supplier to the most important grocery chains, quality restaurants, club stores, and food service companies in Albania and Kosovo. The company has decided to expand its target market and include average consumers’ needs in the branded messages it communicates across the country.

Vatra Agency was entrusted by the management of the company with the creation of a different and direct digital communication, producing new digital content with major relevance on social media channels. We created engaging and informative content for the current followers and to also appeal to a new audience. Also, an additional three animated TVC’s were produced by Vatra following these concepts.
Tik Tik, in our view, makes itself stand out by offering consumers what others cannot. We had to approach this project in such a way that it would properly represent the philosophy of the company. Homegrown and naturally fed chickens by not using any extra supplements such as hormones and antibiotics. Seeing as this was the competitive advantage of Tik Tik’s products, it made sense for us to make this a focal point of our content strategy.
Another focus of ours was consumer education. A form of communication that has as an objective teaching the consumers on how the product can have various use cases, presenting new ideas the consumer might not have thought of. To make Tik Tik’s advantage appeal to consumers more, we made sure the consumers know the difference between a naturally grown chicken and the ones that are grown using supplements. At first glance a simple concept, but so far it has made a sizeable difference on the brands affinity.
“As we seek to transform our product from strong local players to regional and national favorites, we need a flexible, experienced and full‐service agency partner that can help Tik Tik, expand our target audience and achieve our objectives,” stated Mirush Bejko, CEO of Company.

*Vatra is a leading digital, design and brand communication agency passionately connecting brands to 55 million Balkan consumers.