The Professional College of Tirana approaches students with a new integrated communication campaign.

The Professional College of Tirana has opened their doors to the Albanian students in 2015, as an innovation of higher professional education in Albania. This establishment, made by seasoned partners in the field of private education, presented a new option for youth seeking to become more appealing to the worldwide job market. Professional colleges in Albania aim to train youth into professionals. Usually, youth is discouraged by the stigma of needing to have high academic scores to pursue higher education. The Professional College of Tirana believes that hard work and commitment should be the main criteria to become a professional.
We at Vatra had the opportunity to work with this College. “Devotion is the criteria, not your academic scores” was the campaign we created. We decided to move forward with this philosophy to highlight that there is a chance for everyone. As part of this campaign, we set the tone by which the organisation would address its target audience on social media. We made it more direct and personal, underlining the specific needs the youth has. We know that time is a key factor for these young individuals, therefore we had our focus on advertising the chance of obtaining a profession in just 2 years. Something hard to achieve by most higher education institutions in Albania.
Inclusion is usually overlooked by Albanian universities. We saw this opportunity and made the College’s image as inviting as possible. We are confident that our new campaign will help many young individuals find their place in society by choosing The Professional College of Tirana as their first step into their professional lives.

*Vatra is a leading digital, design and brand communication agency passionately connecting brands to 55 million Balkan consumers.