Tirana Light Lab, an event identity to emphasize the power of lighting

Albaelettrica, the biggest lighting and electric company in Albania, has created this September, a creative lab introducing new products and concepts related to the worldwide lighting market. Tirana Light Lab was established for the first time this year in the framework of Tirana Design Week. Held at Polis University, this event wants to become a captivating celebration of light, art, technology and design. The main element of the identity is an elevation of the event’s name from an outline of the company’s logo. The gradient created and the saturation of colour shades reflect the brightness of the event, giving it a more creative and inclusive image.
Brunilda Hoxha, Creative Director at Vatra Agency added: “Working with Albaelettrica over all these years has made us appreciate the power of premium, artistic and qualitative lighting. This is the reason why we created this event identity. Through time, with some minor modifications, it can be easily adapted to new trends and different events.”

Event Identity

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