VATRA, 10th Anniversary … and counting …


A decade of passion, commitment and energy. Characterized by the eagerness to be unique and what’s most important to produce always an unalleviated innovative standard for ourselves and our clients. That is the essence of what was determined to be called VATRA. New unmatched ideas are the compass in our long journey. They constitute change and uphold the name of our agency. Nowadays, Vatra does not belong only to the founders anymore, but also to all of them that work on an everyday basis with the same passion and dedication in our agency. Leaving behind these years we are confident that not only we’ve brought innovation, but what’s more important, we have been and continue to be factors of change, a change of mentality and perceptions in our audience as a result of our professional service and positive performance of our clients. Innovation, professionalism and tangible results is what Vatra has to offer to its clients and partners through un extensive experience and dedicated staff. Throughout this time over 250 local and regional clients have trusted their image in the hands of Vatra, and on this our 10th anniversary I take the opportunity to thank all of them that have chosen to work with us pursuing their vision and trust on strong brand values.

Thanks and best wishes of success to all of you.